Love your morning cup of coffee? Can’t function without your caffeine  fix? Well then you’re going to love these hacks which will make your brew better. From an iced coffee trick that will pack a punch…to a roast-your-own-beans-without-a-roaster kind of thing, here’s everything you need for caffeine wonderfulness.


Make ice cubes from fresh brew so you don’t water down your iced coffee.

The Dairy-Free Paleo-friendly creamer.

Don’t throw out your used coffee grounds — recycle them!

Go even greener and buy some reusable K-cups for your Keurig.

Make this delicious, low-calorie, no-churn coffee ice cream.

Make EVERYTHING smell like coffee. Yum.

Roast coffee beans in your popcorn maker.

Add a pinch of salt to bitter coffee in order to counteract the bitterness and redeem burnt beans.

Warm up your mug before you start brewing so it keeps your coffee hot for longer.

Stack two styrofoam cups on top of the work coffee maker and twist to show how old the brew is.


Find a cafe that will take your order by text (or app) so that you never have to queue again.


Use a French press to froth milk to create a perfect cafe-style cappuccino.

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